30 Students Recognized for 2017 AIPHS Fall Athletics All-Academic Team


The AIPHS Athletic Department is pleased to announce the names of 30 scholar-athletes for its inaugural 2017 AIPHS Fall Athletics All-Academic Team.  To qualify for selection on the AIPHS All-Academic Team, athletes must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA during the academic quarter of their sports season.  

Unlike the CIF State requirement that requires a 2.0 GPA minimum to participate in high school sports, all AIPHS students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and attend mandatory study halls in order to participate. 

Members of the AIPHS Fall Athletics All-Academic Team will be formally recognized with a special AIPHS Varsity Letter during the AIPHS Fall Sports Banquet, on Friday, December 15, from 6PM-8PM, on the third floor of the AIMS 12th Street Campus.  Congratulations to our scholars!

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Travis Carroll, Senior, Cross Country (4.00 GPA)
Donna Ng, Senior, Cross Country (4.00 GPA)
Yem Minh Pham, Senior, Cross Country (4.00 GPA)
Viet Trong Tran, Senior, Cross Country (4.00 GPA)
Mei Yi Jiang, Senior, Cross Country (3.94 GPA)
Imee Paterno, Senior, Volleyball (3.94 GPA)
Senay-Mehreteab Araya, Junior, Boys Soccer (3.94 GPA)
Adeline Ung, Sophomore, Girls Volleyball (3.94 GPA)
Elyod Abraham, Freshman, Boys Soccer (3.94 GPA) 
Simon Yohannes, Freshman, Boys Soccer (3.94 GPA) 
Beatriz Velarde-Barraza, Senior, Girls Volleyball (3.89 GPA)
Felix Tran, Freshman, Boys Soccer (3.89 GPA)
Rafael Castellanos-Silva, Senior, Cross Country (3.83 GPA)
Weston Cao, Junior, Boys Soccer (3.83 GPA)
Crystal  Huynh, Sophomore, Girls Volleyball (3.83 GPA)
Christopher Wali, Freshman, Cross Country (3.83 GPA)
Ariam Mahray, Senior, Girls Volleyball (3.78 GPA)
Emmy Su, Freshman, Cross Country (3.78 GPA)
Kyle Wu, Freshman, Cross Country (3.78 GPA)
Sienna Huang, Senior, Girls Volleyball Manager (3.72 GPA)
Liwam Tesfazion, Junior, Girls Volleyball (3.72 GPA)
Ji Da Be Sa, Freshman, Cross Country (3.72 GPA)
Hasan Alhaj, Freshman, Boys Soccer (3.67 GPA) 
Joyce Chung, Senior, Girls Volleyball Manager (3.61 GPA) 
Sultanah R. E. Waqia, Senior, Girls Volleyball (3.61 GPA)
Kevin Xia Zhu, Freshman, Cross Country / Soccer (3.61 GPA)
Shirley Chen, Freshman, Girls Volleyball (3.56 GPA)
Matthias Mahray, Freshman, Boys Soccer (3.56 GPA) 
Emerson Velasquez-Mejia, Sophomore, Cross Country (3.50 GPA)
Eric Huang, Freshman, Cross Country (3.50 GPA)